Alistair Moseley

Future Water Association

Alistair is a Director of the Future Water Association which provides strategic technical and business development support to members operating in the water and environmental sectors. He is Chair of the Innovation Hub where he is leading the development of training and knowledge sharing initiatives to stimulate innovative creation and collaboration in the water industry supply chain. Alistair is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and is a Honorary Vice President of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management. He chairs Task Group 4 of Government''s Property Flood Resilience Action Plan that is overseeing the development of a new Code of Property Flood Resilience. This is a ground-breaking that will transform the lives of thousands of people who suffer the constant threat of flooding their homes.

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Creating confidence in property flood resilience

The Code of Practice for Property Flood Resilience is about to be introduced, enabling the installers of flood resilience measures in homes to work to common standards and practices. Alistair Moseley will show how the Code will give confidence to home owners that their properties are better protected against flooding and how trade associations such as Future Water Association will ensure industry-wide take up of these standards for public benefit.