Aidan Kerr

Director of Operations of Flood Re

Aidan Kerr is the Director of Operations for Flood Re. As part of Flood Re’s Executive Team, he is responsible for ensuring Flood Re’s operations are set up to deliver Flood Re’s crucial objectives, including oversight of Capita and Landmark, the firms that will be delivering the key operational processes for Flood Re.

Previously he was Head of Property, Fraud and Specialist Lines at the ABI, covering the development of Flood Re, the ABI’s work on combatting fraud, as well as the topic of how insurers assess risk and, therefore, price it for their customers.

Aidan is a chartered accountant who joined the ABI from the Environment Agency where he was the Head of Investment and Funding, responsible for delivering the Long Term Investment Strategy for investment in flood risk management. Before that, he was a senior manager delivering finance transformation projects at Accenture.

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