Brian M Back

Radio Data Networks

Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the IET and judge on the IET Global Challenge. With a career spanning 40-years with demonstrated success in applying science and innovative technology to tackle, report and mitigate Climate Change induced incidents such as flooding and aquatic pollution using Smart Sensors, Real-Time Data and Retrofit Control Flow Actuators.

Freeman of the City of London, Fellow of IET, Member of the Worshipful Company of Engineers, CEO/MD, NED, VC, former university lecturer, technology strategist, proactive consultant, innovation mentor, lobbyist and holder of patents including retrofit actuators to control flows to reduce the incidents of flooding and discharge of plastics in the oceans.

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Real-Time Telemetry and Control in Flood Reporting & Incident Mitigation

With public and media scrutiny growing thanks to frequent media coverage of the impacts of Climate Change, Global Warming and Aquatic Pollution, this paper presents a timely explanation of the benefits of real-time Radio Telemetry and Autonomous Flow Control Systems in the battle against climate change induced flooding and aquatic pollution such as plastics in the oceans.