Caroline Sutton

Environment Agency

Caroline leads on spatial planning policy and climate change in National Sustainable Places team at the Environment Agency. In this role she is responsible for Environment Agency guidance on climate change allowances for flood risk assessments and works closely with colleagues on guidance for Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and Flood Risk Assessments. She also leads the Agency’s liaison with Government on the development of planning policy, promoting robust policy and guidance for a range of environmental issues, including climate change, flood risk and water resources issues. Caroline previously worked as part of the Environment Agency’s Climate Ready Support Service, working with partners in the built environment to promote adaptation to a range of climate risks including flood risk, overheating in buildings and limited water availability.

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Designing resilient development using sea level rise climate change projections

This presentation will analyse the sea level rise projections in the latest UK climate change projections (UKCP18) in the context of wider parameters and longer term changes, in order to identify appropriate sea level rise allowances to assess the impact of climate change for flood risk assessments.