Craig McAdie

Environment Agency

Starting as a field inspector of energy assets before moving into IT and obtaining a B.Sc. (Honours) in Computer Science, my career has since evolved from software engineer to Software Development Manager and IT Project Manager roles. My primary interest has been designing and delivering effective tools and solutions that address real business problems and meet real business needs.

Now a Business Project Manager with the Environment Agency, my primary responsibility is to represent the business interests and act as their advocate in the development of new and replacement systems to support the management of flood assets in the UK.

Based in York, I am also a volunteer with the York Civic Trust, acting as a project manager on initiatives that support the historical and cultural legacy of this great city.

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The Future of Digital Technology Support for Asset Management

Traditionally, the development of an IT system focused on delivering a discrete set of functionality. The result has been disparate systems that share data elements by means of complicated interface mechanisms such as electronic file transfers. Now, there is more attention being paid to the underlying data and how it is structured and managed, with the goal of delivering systems that meet business needs based upon consistent and current information.