Daniel Cook


Daniel Cook is Head of the Environmental Assessment Department at Ambiental, a leading flood risk assessment and environmental risk modelling consultancy.
Daniel’s work involves multi-source flood risk assessments which utilise flood modelling and third party data (e.g. fluvial, tidal, surface water), to better understand and support development across the UK. His principal areas of technical expertise are Flood Risk Assessments, Drainage Strategies adhering to UK legislation (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), policy and standards to ensure developments are appropriate in construction and purpose.

Project experience includes supporting residential developments, commercial developments offices, supermarkets and retail parks. Renewable energy projects (solar, biodiesel, hydro-electric) whilst also supporting oil and gas and infrastructure projects (Hospitals, Rail and Telecommunications, Coastal Defences).

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Changes in policy relating to Flood Risk / Drainage, impacting on planning

Ambiental will discuss the impacts of the recent changes to the climate change flows of fluvial systems across England. By discussing the guidance set out by the EA as of February 2016 and how this has impacted upon decision making when focused to planning. Whilst also discussing the changes to policy relating to Surface Water Drainage, April 2015. The presentation will provide examples both positive and negative to the changes.