Daniel Rosenberg

Gravitas International

Daniel Rosenberg is the Operations Director of Gravitas International.

A family-run, UK-based manufacturing, distribution & product innovations company, Gravitas have 40+ years experience in the non-woven textiles & absorbents markets.

Since 2011, Gravitas have been manufacturing The HydroSack & HydroSnake – award winning flood protection products that have been used by thousands of people worldwide. Gravitas are also the UK & Ireland Master Distributors for the Flex MSE® Vegetated Wall System.

Gravitas products are consistently being used or specified by the Environment Agency, Fire & Rescue Services & Local Authorities on a national level, as well as being available to private and commercial users via a dedicated supply chain.

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Geomodular Block & Interlocking Plate Systems

Using mechanically stabilised earth principles alongside geotextile technology, combining unique geotextiles & patented interlocking plates allows for strong and easy-to-install geomodular block-structures. Installed on 7,500+ projects world-wide, FlexMSE® is formed into near-vertical flood-walls, retaining structures and erosion-resistant riverbanks & coast-lines. The patented interlocking plates are laid between the rows of filled bags adding to the strength/stability of the structure. Once vegetated, FlexMSE® structures blend naturally into their environment. www.gravitasint.com/products/flexmse