Dave Jones

Environment Agency

Dave is a Senior Advisor in the National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) Directorate. He has recently completed 40 years’ service in the water industry mainly working in flood risk management.
Dave has spent much of his time working in Area teams providing developers and the public with flood risk advice on spatial planning and regulatory matters.
Dave is currently the product manager for the flood map for planning service on gov.uk which serves 750,000 users per annum. He is developing proposals to expand this service to provide data and guidance to assist developers produce flood risk assessments to support development planning proposals.
He is currently developing further digital services within FCRM. These include services to support the main river variation process, constraint mapping to support the Flood Risk Activity exemption registration service and a service to make accessing strategic flood and coastal risk management data simpler.

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Making Flood Map for Planning a “One Stop Shop”

The presentation will set out the background to producing a digital service, the existing service and the roadmap towards providing a one stop shop for developers producing their flood risk assessments to support their planning proposals. We aspire to providing further datasets