David Coley

The Hammerman Equipment Plastic Piling Company Limited

Owner and Managing Director of THE Plastic Piling Company, David Coley - “The Hammerman,” has over 25 years of experience working with plastic sheet piling and piling equipment in the UK. Developing and introducing novel products, including internal and side piling mandrels, holding several patents.

He is a technical member of IOSH and has been a member of the Shoring Technology Interest Group, of the CPA for the past 20 years.

Working with 5 suppliers around the world he has introduced some of the most advanced plastic sheet piling into the UK; including novel hybrids that combine plastic with timber, steel, concrete and most recently bamboo. The novel combination of MultiLock plastic piling and bamboo was part of a short-listed project at the BCI awards in 2017. He is the EU distributor for the innovative JETFilter range of weep hole filters.

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Introduction to Plastic Sheet Piling and JETFilter Weep Hole Filters

The Discussion on the responsible use of plastics is extremely current new. This Seminar will illustrate that Plastic Piling, made from recycled PVC, is an extremely responsible outlet for recycling plastic. Plastic benefits piling, combining a method that provides rapid installation, with little to no site preparation; with the longevity of the plastic material. Clearly suited for flood barriers, cutt-off structures emergency breach repairs, erosion & scour protection