David Nash

Z Zurich Foundation

The first 15 years of David’s career were spent mainly as a people developer with a focus on management skills, branching out into broad organisational development, within the UK life insurance industry with Zurich Insurance. In 2001, David volunteered through Zurich’s Community Trust to work for a month with a disability NGO in Bangalore. This secondment altered the course of his career, and in 2005 became manager of the program. In 2009, he became CEO at one of Zurich’s NGO partners in India, focusing on mental health and homelessness. In 2013, he returned to Zurich’s Head Office in Switzerland to lead the community impact work of the flagship Flood Resilience Programme, a core pillar of Zurich’s Corporate Responsibility strategy. In 2016, he combined much of the flood resilience work with leadership of the Z Zurich Foundation, before returning to focus on the Flood Resilience space at the end of 2018.

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Building Community Flood Resilience – tackling a multi-dimensional challenge

Communities are a complex system and to effectively build resilience requires a multi-dimensional approach. David Nash from the Zurich Foundation will share the work of Zurich’s Flood Resilience Alliance in building a system-based methodology, which goes beyond grey infrastructure solutions. He will show how their approach creates locally relevant actions, helping communities globally develop in a climate-smart and risk-informed way, and show how we can measure resilience as a result.