Dr Cai Bird

Marlan Maritime Technologies

Dr Cai Bird has worked with Marlan Maritime Technologies Ltd. since its foundation in 2013, his research focuses on developing and applying novel algorithms to remote sensing data in order to develop new products and services for the hydrographic survey industry. Cai completed his PhD in 2016 at the University of Liverpool and National Oceanography Centre whilst working with Marlan and is now working to deliver high quality data collection services to maritime industry. He is also passionate about accelerating coastal science and innovation and is honoured to speak to you all at the MCCE expo.

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Synoptic 4-D enables autonomous long-term hydrographic monitoring of nearshore areas

Monitoring the morphology of large and dynamic nearshore areas is expensive and time-consuming if repeat measurements are required. Marlan has developed a suite of innovation-award-winning remote sensing techniques enabling autonomous nearshore surveys. The resulting topo-bathymetric & hydrodynamic datasets enable better understanding of nearshore processes that allow more effective implementations of coastal defence schemes. Synoptic has already saved our customers millions, come and see what it can do for you.