Dr Fai Fung

Met Office

Fai Fung is the climate services manager for the UKCP18 project, leading a team to deliver climate data and guidance to support climate change risk assessment adaptation decision-making. Fai has 15 years’ experience in climate change adaptation research, starting at the Centre for Ecology and hydrology and then the University of Oxford. Before joining the Met Office Hadley Centre, he provided climate science advice at the Environment Agency’s Climate Ready Support Service. The focus of his research interests throughout his career has been understanding how to use climate model information to inform environmental decision making. In UKCP18, this has involved understanding user requirements for climate data and information, implementing approaches to co-design services with users as well as facilitating collaborations to demonstrate the potential for new UKCP18 climate datasets.

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Future climate projections for the UK

The new UK climate projections, UKCP18, are designed to help inform the management of future risks from climate variability and change. UKCP18 provides updated probabilistic estimates of the ranges of future climate change and results from a new suite of global, European and UK-scale climate models - the latter offering more realistic small-scale, short-term weather events such as intense summer showers. Updated sea level projections and water level extremes have also been produced.

Dr Fai Fung will be speaking in the following theatres:

Keynote Theatre - Thursday 12.30 - 13.00: Future climate projections for the UK