Ed Barsley

The Environmental Design Studio

Ed Barsley is founder and director of ‘The Environmental Design Studio’. He''s a specialist in environmental design in Architecture with a particular interest on developing strategies to reduce flood risk and increase resilience in the built environment. Ed previously worked as a research assistant at Baca Architects. Ed contributed to the 'Aquatecture' and Climate Adaptive Neighbourhoods Research project, which won the 2014 RIBA presidents Medal for Research in Practice. He’s currently working on developing a methodology for assessing the flood resilience of existing communities as part of a PhD in Architecture at the University of Cambridge. In 2016, Ed won the Sunday Times / British Homes Award ‘Resilient Home’ design competition (in collaboration with JTP) with ‘The Home For All Seasons’. To share the findings from his research on community flood resilience, Ed is bringing out a book through RIBA Publishing entitled; ‘Retrofitting for Flood Resilience: A Guide to Building and Community Design’.

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Designing for Flood Resilience

This seminar discusses strategies for resilience in relation to both existing and new build flood risk contexts. It begins by covering the key findings of the EPSRC funded ‘Retrofitting Resilience’ study, within which a methodology has been developed to assess the flood resilience of existing communities. Finally, the Sunday Times/British Homes Award winning resilient ‘Home for All Seasons’ will be introduced as an innovative new model for future proof housing.