Harriet Boughton

Flood Re

Harriet Boughton is General Counsel, Head of Compliance and Data Protection Officer at Flood Re. She is responsible for overseeing the firm''s legal and compliance framework and embedding best practice corporate governance across the organisation. Over the past 12 months, Harriet has also led Flood Re''s first Quinquennial Review, culminating in the publication of the QQR Report.
Harriet was previously an Executive at a start-up Lloyd''s Managing Agency where she initiated its in-house Legal function and, as Head of Legal and Compliance, was central to its successful regulatory Authorisation.

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"Flood Re: an innovative package of proposals for change"

Flood Re is a unique and highly successful, world-first, joint Government and insurance industry initiative. It is efficiently achieving its Purpose. Through its experience and insight gained by administering the Scheme to date and its focus on the changes required to meet its transition objective, Flood Re recently published its recommended package of proposed changes to the Scheme. That package represents Flood Re''s best understanding of the behavioral and market evolution required at this stage of the Scheme''s existence. It also includes certain changes to continue to optimise the efficiency of the Scheme. The package balances the needs of the Scheme''s stakeholders and builds on the Scheme''s strengths in order to be more responsive and flexible in bringing about the change it needs to see.