Ina Lambert

United Nations

Ina Lambert, United Nations Climate Change Secretariat
Ina is a Programme Officer at the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, where she has worked since 2001. She currently works in the Adaptation Programme, where she supports relevant negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and the implementation of the associated mandates. Since 2012 she has been supporting the work of the UNFCCC Adaptation Committee, a body established to promote the implementation of enhanced action on adaptation in a coherent manner under the Convention. She is also involved in the work of the UNFCCC Nairobi work programme, which provides knowledge support on impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation to climate change as a "knowledge-to-action hub" in collaboration with more than 350 partners, Parties, and other experts. Within the UNFCCC Adaptation team, Ina is the focal point for floods and adaptation, and issues related to culture and heritage.

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UNFCCC: An international perspective on climate change adaptation and flood risk

The presentation will look at adaptation to climate change from an international perspective. It will first highlight the current status of climate change from a scientific view and then talk about the global efforts under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its Paris Agreement. It will then focus on the topic of adaptation to climate change and zoom in on some significant examples of adaptation to flood risk. Lastly, it will look at where adaptation under the UNFCCC is headend and pinpoint what would constitute successful adaptation by the year 2020.