Jo Bradley


Jo Bradley has worked in pollution prevention and urban drainage throughout her career, having completed 28 years with the Environment Agency and its predecessor organisation. She has led on topics such as pollution prevention from industrial sites, the regulation of oil/water separators and leak detection on petrol filling stations. Recently she has focussed on urban drainage and especially road runoff, having managed a joint Environment Agency/Highways Agency project on the prioritisation of highway outfalls. She passionately believes in finding practical solutions to tricky problems and she enjoys working with site owners and engineers to develop solutions that work on a site to deliver cost effective environment protection. She moved on from the Agency in 2016 and is now working for Sustainable Drainage Systems Ltd (SDS Ltd) who design, manufacture and install engineering devices to provide stormwater treatment and to protect downstream vegetative SuDS devices and the water environment.

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Source Control SuDs: infiltrating water but capturing pollutants

Jo will discuss the benefits of source control SuDS and their ability to capture pollutants in stormwater. She will suggest that we exercise a little caution when designing source control SuDS for high-risk urban surfaces. What is their capacity to retain pollutants? Can we be certain about future maintenance? Jo will consider the opportunities to contribute habitat for bio-diversity with well-designed source control devices. Are they really the panacea for urban pollution?