Kevin Reed


Kevin Reed started his career as a Civil Engineer with Freeman Fox and Partners working on the Humber Bridge project and M5 extension at Exeter. Since then he has worked with manufacturers primarily involving water related products and, in the last 15 years, commercial drainage, stormwater management, wastewater treatment and, most recently, water recycling systems. These include grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting and intelligent control of attenuation tanks which allows the collection of rainwater by releasing any excess water before the storm arrives, thereby reducing the anticipated stress on overloaded surface water sewers. Kevin is now Water Recycling Manager at SDS, who design, manufacture and install systems to provide water recycling, treatment and control of stormwater.

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Treating water as a valuable resource, not as a waste.

Kevin’s presentation will look at the ways in which water can be conserved, treated and recycled and their associated commercial, social and environmental benefits. He will review a variety of water resources and explain how their different characteristics impact on their suitability for reuse. Kevin will also discuss some of the technologies, both currently available and emergent, that can facilitate a more sustainable approach to water management.