John Griffiths


John Griffiths has a BSc in Environmental Science from Cardiff University and a Master in Meteorology from Birmingham University. He joined the British Antarctic Survey in 2011 and helped set up the weather station at Halley VI (wintering). On returning, he deployed the 3rd highest weather station in the world with British Exploring. In 2012 John became a weather forecaster at MeteoGroup and has recently moved over to KISTERS as an consultant/account manager in the UK.

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HydroMaster: Flood prediction and analyses

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a Meteorology company joined forces with a Hydrology company and an environmental software company? Probably not - Armed with a specification designed by Local Authorities and Water Utilities on what a flood tool should do, we take a look at HydroMaster; The reliable way to get the right assets into the right place at the right time and report.