John O’Gara

Marshalls CPM

John joined Marshalls CPM as a Territory Manager with the remit of promoting and managing below ground concrete water drainage products and water management systems, before progressing to precast concrete walling solutions which includes the Redi-Rock™ modular retaining walling .
Today, John is the Company’s Specification Manager for the North of England and Scotland and is a strong advocate of using Redi-Rock™ to combat the damage that flooding can create. John has been instrumental in the development of the Redi-Rock™ concrete flood block solution and has been involved in projects of all sizes, from the protection of a private individual’s back garden to large coastal installations, engaging with consulting engineers, local authorities, government agencies and the general public.

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Flood protection solutions with the look of natural stone

To answer the national challenge of the rising number of flood events, the Marshalls CPM team looked at their existing Redi-Rock™ modular walling system to support a walling solution to flooding issues. The flood walls are doubled sided so look great when the area is not in flood and provides a watertight barriers when in flood.