Jure Šumi

Knauf Insulation

Jure Šumi, has for 20 years been involved in international business development holding senior positions in building and construction sector in major multinational companies.
Currently he holds position of Business Development Director at Knauf Insulation where he is leading business unit Green Solutions focusing on green aspects of urban infrastructure including vegetated building envelope, and sustainable (water-saving) landscaping.

For the past 8 years, he has been actively involved in several international research teams investigating real performance of urban green infrastructure, especially green roofs and green walls. His expertise lays in the area of green roof customisation for best storm-water management and optimised energy efficiency. He co-holds several patents in the area of vegetated concepts and systems and their application in urban environment.
He is regular guest speaker on international events related to green urban infrastructure and is actively influencing EU’s green infrastructure policies

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Engineered Green Roofs – storm water retention and detention tool that works

The seminar points out how traditional green roofs have evolved in to real storm water retention and detention tool that can dramatically reduce storm water run-off. Seminar will brief how computer modelling using key weather parameters (rain events, temperature, air humidity,…) and data from storm-water lab can help us design green roofs, which will maximise yearly retention and optimise detention during the peak storms.