Lisa Eastwood and Jill Burgess

National Oceanography Centre

With a background in Mathematics, Lisa has worked at the National Oceanography Centre for over 28 years. Lisa is now responsible for providing advice and data on all aspects of oceanographic data products to the general public, academics, and both public and private sector organisations in the UK and internationally. She is also a member of the successful WireWall team, promoting the project and undertaking public outreach work.
Jill Burgess’s background is in physical geography and she has worked at the NOC since 2004. One of her roles is to help co-ordinate and translate NOC’s scientific knowhow into ‘real world’ applications. This ensures that value is added to the science undertaken at the centre and disseminated to a wider audience including academia, government and other public bodies and private individuals. She is also involved in other projects including the Commonwealth Marine Economics Programme and WireWall.

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New field measurements that inform coastal flood hazard management

The design of new coastal flood defences and the setting of tolerable hazard thresholds requires site-specific information of wave overtopping. An innovative new system to measure field observations of wave-by-wave overtopping velocity and volumes have been made at our study site in NW England. WireWall was used to collect field observations to calibrate overtopping tools (EurOtop), validate flood forecasting systems and develop safety tolerances to inform flood risk response plans.

Lisa Eastwood and Jill Burgess will be speaking in the following theatres:

Seminar Hall 22 - Thursday 15.30 - 16.00: New field measurements that inform coastal flood hazard management