Livia Hollins

United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC secretariat)

Livia Hollins, Associate Programme Officer.
Adaptation Programme
UN Climate Change secretariat, UNFCCC

Livia Hollins is an Associate Programme Officer in the Adaptation programme at the UNFCCC climate change secretariat. She leads the secretariats work on SDG indicators as well as UN System and interagency activities, with a focus on country support for implementation of the Paris Agreement. Livia currently supports the intergovernmental negotiations on cooperation with UN entities and other intergovernmental organisations.

Livia sees the Paris Agreement on climate change, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Sendai Framework for disaster risk reduction as transformative and intrinsically linked agendas. She believes that the more countries build resilience and adapt to the impacts of climate change, the better prepared they are to manage risk, and the more opportunities they have for sustainable development, including for food systems. Livia holds a masters in Sustainability Science from Lund University Centre of Sustainability Studies, Sweden. She joined the UNFCCC in 2010, and has previously worked for the New Zealand Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, as well as Science, Technology and Innovation, and Environment Ministries.

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