Martin Lambley


Martin Lambley a Product Manager with Wavin. He is responsible for the management of Wavin’s Stormwater Drainage products. He has a background in Environmental Engineering including time in engineering practice before moving over to the commercial sector.

Since moving he has fulfilled several roles within sales and marketing with manufacturers of products within the water management sector. He has over twenty years-experience in the use of plastics within water management including flood management and sustainable drainage (SuDS). As part of this work Martin has been an active contributor to developing best practice within the sector working on several related guidance documents.

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Geocellular structures in adoptable surface water drainage systems

With the forthcoming publication of Sewers for Adoption 8 in England and the implementation of Schedule 3 in Wales the way surface water is designed for adoption is changing. Geocellular infiltration and attenuation tanks still have a role to play in delivering SuDS but their design needs to change to reflect the needs of the adopter. This presentation looks at the changes and how geocellular tanks should be designed for adoption.