Michael Thorogood

Eadon Consulting

Michael Thorogood is a founding member of, and Director at, Eadon Consulting – an engineering consultancy specialising in the design and analysis of moving structures. Michael is a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. He has worked on several projects involving the design of bespoke mechanical equipment and its use to solve Contractors technical challenges. His work also covers the design of moving bridges, lock gates, tidal defences, Ro-ro equipment and access gantries.

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Helping contractors and suppliers gain competitive advantage with bespoke equipment

The Seminar will cover the use of bespoke mechanical equipment to solve contractors’ and equipment suppliers’ technical issues relating to equipment installation, verification and design. The seminar will also include a case study looking at the technical challenges the Balfour Beatty encountered on the Sandsend tidal defence project and the solution that was developed by Balfour Beatty and Eadon Consulting to enable them to deliver the project in a unique way bringing benefits to contractor, client and public.