Michael Vernon

Delta Membrane Systems Limited

Michael is a CSSW Qualified waterproofing design Specialist with fifteen years of experience in the structural waterproofing industry. A broader knowledge of construction and building design gained in his previous architectural career have placed Michael in a unique position to integrate specialist structural waterproofing techniques within the broader scope and challenges posed by constructing and adapting buildings in flood risk areas. Michael takes a keen interest in flood resilient design and integration of specialist materials to produce a variety of solutions which are complimentary and holistic in their approach to respond to specific challenges and expectations. Michael recognises that flood resilient design is based upon many considerations including flood risk assessment, building type, feasibility of water exclusion, consequences of water entry, drying and re-occupation time. He is passionate about using his technical knowledge combined with Delta’s forward thinking approach to improve people’s lives.

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Case Studies in Flood Resistance and Recoverability

A presentation based on live case studies at Edenside Barn and the BRE Flood House. Leak stopping, barrier system, pump and drainage membrane technologies traditionally used in below ground structural waterproofing are being adapted and re-delivered by Delta Membranes to provide effective flood solutions. Delta uses the principle of “joined up thinking” to ensure that all materials and products which provide the ingredients for a Delta flood solution are properly integrated to achieve desired results.