Nick Reynard

CEH – (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)

Nick was a member of the Science and Engineering Panel of the Pitt Review of the summer floods of 2007 and represented CEH in the Government Foresight Initiative on Floods (UK, China and the USA).

Nick is the Natural Hazards Science area lead for the Centre for Ecology & hydrology. An environmental impact modeller, Nick’s focus lies with the development of continuous flow simulation approaches for river flow modelling, in particular application to investigating the implications of environmental (including climate) change, quantification of uncertainty in hydrological modelling under non-stationarity and development of techniques for detecting and attributing trends in environmental datasets.

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UK floods past present and future

Is the severe flooding experienced across many parts of the UK in recent years the new normal? Nick Reynard explains how science is answering this question, what we can learn from the historical record and this knowledge is used to develop climate change and flooding guidelines for the Environment Agency.