Peter Henley

Water Research Centre Limited

Peter is currently a Senior Consultant at WRc and heads up its Pollution and Flooding team which specialise in research to improve performance in wastewater and stormwater networks. He has been in the wastewater industry for over 30 years starting out a contractor in 1988 before joining Wessex Water in 2007 to manage the Private Sewers transfer. He joined WRc in 2009 and he has an extensive background in short term flow surveys, pipeline condition assessment and sewer rehabilitation. He is currently working on projects aimed at reducing the number of sewer blockages and reducing the impact of Fats Oils and Grease in our sewer network.

Outside of work he’s a keen road cyclist and a Bristol Bears rugby fan

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WRcCSO - Rethinking the CSO for the 21st Century

Combined Storm Overflows (CSO) are a necessary evil in combined sewer networks to allow excess flow to spill during wet weather. However, spilling unsightly sewer debris to the environment is unacceptable. Traditional methods require screens to catch debris but require cleaning regularly. The patented WRcCSO uses an innovative design to retain the debris in the sewer. This modular unpowered solution can be retro fitted providing significant capital and opex saving

Peter Henley will be speaking in the following theatres:

Seminar Hall 23 - Wednesday 15.30 - 16.00: TBA