Peter Marchant

M3 Global Flood Technologies Ltd

With over 45 years of experience in heavy civil engineering specializing in underground construction technologies and surface water infrastructure. Originally working in the UK for some of the leading Civil Engineering contractors before forming the M3 Group to concentrate on the development of structural rehabilitation and flood defence in Australia before returning to the UK to develop and create M3Floodtec.
“Always pursuing the latest innovation and new ideas, I have been involved in the development of sustainable construction systems for over 40 years and am currently working on the development of sustainable flood prevention technologies and structural resilience systems to extend the life of existing assets to meet the demands of ageing and limited infrastructure.”
Member of the Concrete Institute of Australia, the Pipe Jacking Association Technical Standards Committee and British Tunnelling Society.

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Asset Maintenance: Repair? Replace? Or do Nothing!

This is the decision facing our industry as the ageing and limited infrastructure is failing. Critical planned maintenance programmes are side-lined in the continual drive for economies, cost savings and spend reductions. With increases in widespread flooding and heavy rainfall is it time for the UK to implement a plan of preventive maintenance to stop this happening to our own asset base, or do we let it collapse around us?