Rob Burton

Hydro-Logic Services (Int) Ltd

Rob is a hydrometrist with over 16 years experience, and currently heads up Hydro-Logic Services Hydrometric Services team. Through that time, he has been involved in the development of the market leading flood warning capability that Hydro-Logic Services have within the UK. In recent years, that has extended into monitoring the impacts of NFM interventions within catchments, and combining the outputs of such projects to provide improved flooding resilience to local communities.

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Natural Flood Management – Monitoring performance and improving Community Resilience

Hydro-Logic Services deliver award winning flood warning and monitoring services to over 80 local authorities in the UK at over 900 sites. This presentation explores some of the recent work on DEFRA funded NFM schemes, and the benefits that flood warning and monitoring gives both to the local authority and local residents in terms of improved resilience.