Roman Dobbe

Lhoist c/o SPA Group Ltd

Roman Dobbe is a sales specialist water treatment in the Netherlands and holds a master degree in Environmental Science. Since he joined Lhoist in 2011, Roman has been instrumental in promoting the use of lime products in drinking- and waste water treatment under the well-known Lhoist brands Akdolit® and Neutralac®. In this context he has developed a large network in the water treatment industry and among water boards.

Today his role is to head a project to explore the use of lime-treated clay in dike reinforcements in the Benelux. Climate change poses many challenges regarding flood protection and water management in the World. The activities of Lhoist are focussed on offering a solution to extend the range of soils that may be applied for reinforcement of hydraulic structures against lower costs.

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The use of lime-treated clay in dike reinforcements.

At present, lime is used little in clay for dike upgrades in the Netherlands. Generally because the clay has to meet the prevailing quality requirements. However, the use of lime can be beneficial for dike construction and reinforcement. This results in a reduction of costs, the possibility to reuse local soils with poor properties and an improvement of the functional requirements of clay.