Sean Cox

Drones Direct

Sean is the Business Manager of Drones Direct. He has 5 years of experience operating and advising on Drone solutions for a wide range of applications from thermal and visual imagery for public safety to long-distance solutions for critical infrastructure.
The rapid growth and requirement for UAVs has led to an extensive range of specialist solutions. Sean works tirelessly to ensure that businesses are informed of the latest developments to reduce costs, reduce risks and reduce response times.

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Drones: Saving Time and Saving Lives

Sean’s presentation with look at how Drones can be used independently and in addition to existing kits for day-to-day work as well as emergency response situations. Covers: Surveying, Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Public Safety, Infrastructure, 3D mapping, Photogrammetry.

Sean Cox will be speaking in the following theatres:

Seminar Hall 24 - Thursday 14.45 - 15.15: Drones: Saving Time and Saving Lives