Sigurd Melin

NOAQ Flood Protection AB

Sigurd Melin is CEO and Board Chairman of Swedish company NOAQ Flood Protection AB. He is as well the inventor of the main products of the company, the Tubewall and the Boxwall, both mobile self-anchoring flood barriers.
He is also owner of Terra Firma, a cartographic firm that has lately engaged itself in developing ideas for the protection against other disasters, like the “Seaseal” concept for protecting seaports against storm surges.
He holds a Master of Science in Engineering, Degree Programme in Surveying, from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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Changing the game of flood-fighting

With the development of the new light-weight free-standing self-anchoring flood barriers the sandbag era will come to an end. Utilizing this new easy-to-use technology the victims of the past will instead become resources for the future. The staff of a company will be able to save their own company, school children could protect their own school etc. This means that many more hands will be available for flood fighting efforts.

Sigurd Melin will be speaking in the following theatres:

Seminar Hall 24 - Wednesday 14.45 - 15.15: Changing the game of flood-fighting