Stephen Hodgson

Property Care Association

Stephen joined the Property Care Association as a technical specialist 18 years ago after working as a surveyor and manager in the preservation industry for 13 years. He has been Chief Executive Officer of the Property Care Association since October 2012. Stephen is passionate about the industry in which he is proud to serve and is committed to delivering the highest possible standards of service and workmanship to consumers as well as first rate representation and value for money to members of the Property Care Association.

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Challenges that the professional flood industry is experiencing & how to overcome these.

Many agencies recognise the strategic importance of property level flood resilience as part of an overall package of measures that will help the UK prepare for the inevitable floods of the future. A great deal of time and effort has been expended by successive governments in trying to understand and create frameworks for the delivery of resilient measures and yet in the face of all this goodwill and spending we are seeing an industry struggle to a point where investment in research and development is stilted, skills and experience are being lost and company liquidations are all too frequent. In our presentation we will think about the challenges faced by those who want to be recognised as experts and specialise in delivering professional flood protection services. We will consider an industry that is at the mercy of the weather, government policy, political will and the economic cycle, and ask if it is possible to develop and establish a specialised industry that is only valued after sporadic freak weather events, without legislative and regulatory support?