Steve Chatwin-Grindey

DeepRoot urban Solutions

Steve joined DeepRoot as the Commercial Director of UK sales in 2006 after several years of involvement with DeepRoot sales in Europe. Steve pioneered DeepRoot''s sales consulting in the UK and continues to exchange information and developments with his American colleagues. He is driven by the uniqueness of the Silva Cell and enjoys the challenges of launching a relatively new product and addressing people''s perceptions as part of the greater goal of greening the UK''s cities. Steve has helped pioneer integrated tree and storm-water projects in the UK working with United Utilities, City of Trees, Manchester University and The Environment Agency.

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Rethink Trees: Trees as stormwater management!

The use of trees in urban areas has many benefits for socio-economic factors, but also for stormwater management. Suspended pavement systems enable trees to grow to full size without damaging the surrounding area by creating available space beneath the pavement. These trees are stormwater infrastructure assets, similarly to SuDS, as they help reduce, delay and treat surface water runoff at source. This presentation will summarise recent research demonstrating their performance.

Steve Chatwin-Grindey will be speaking in the following theatres:

Seminar Hall 23 - Thursday 12.30 - 13.00: Rethink Trees: Trees as stormwater management!