Tiffany Hodgson

United Nations Climate Change Secretariat

Tiffany is a Programme Officer at the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, where she has worked since 2008. She works in the Science and Review Unit of the Adaptation Programme, where she supports relevant negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and the implementation of the associated mandates. In this role, she focusses on supporting discussions related to climate science, and she serves as the thematic focal point on climate change adaptation-related issues. She is the focal point on health and adaptation, and also works on issues related to long-term adaptation planning, floods, heat-waves, climate resilient tourism and population dynamics.
Prior to joining the secretariat, Tiffany worked at the Centre for Policy Studies, a think-tank in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she focused on issues related to sustainable development. Tiffany has a Master of Science degree in environmental sciences.

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Climate change adaptation to flood-risk

This seminar will focus on floods in the context of climate change. It will give a brief overview of the landmark Paris Agreement, and the current implementation of climate action. It will also present relevant climate science related to the projected risk of floods, and will highlight examples of adaptation to flooding from different regions of the world.