Tim Beech

Thames Water

Tim is leading an ambitious £60m Surface Water Management programme for Thames Water, the UK’s largest water and wastewater services company. Since starting at Thames Water in 2010 Tim has focused his career on reducing the risk of sewer flooding, working closely with councils, stakeholders and customers to improve the resilience of the wastewater network. In 2015 Tim began his involvement with the companies £20m SuDS programme and has gone on to shape an industry leading strategy to manage surface water in partnership.

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Our innovative approach to managing surface water in partnership

Thames Water is working in one of the most densely populated and urbanised regions in the UK, placing a lot of pressure on drainage. Without action, population growth, urban creep and climate change would increase the likelihood of flooding and pollution. Historically their response has focussed on engineering solutions but during Tim's session he’ll outline their shifting emphasis towards reducing the volume of surface water entering their sewers with partnership in mind.