Tim Young

ICS Consulting Ltd

Tim Young is the Managing Director of ICS Consulting Ltd and has responsibility for developing and delivering business solutions for asset-centric businesses. His experience is in decision management and information systems gained from over twenty years’ experience managing and consulting within asset businesses worldwide.

As a solution provider, Tim has worked with many asset companies across the world helping them to maximise their returns on investment through the application of innovative tools and techniques. As part of the ICS team he encourages companies to employ integrated process, data and systems based approaches; maximising the benefits from existing capabilities combined with the pragmatic and prioritised implementation of new ideas. Tim is a chartered member of the Institute of Engineering Technology.

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Improving the Speed and Accuracy of Flood Prediction Modelling

Exploring the potential industry use cases and benefits from the technical improvements in the speed and accuracy of flood route prediction modelling. Recent improvements in the availability of data combined with increased processing power has enabled a radical shift in flood route prediction modelling. The seminar will explore how these improved capabilities will drive new industry solutions and benefit customers and society as a whole.