William Montgomery

Ten Ltd

William Montgomery is an internationally recognised consultant in leadership development, strategic change and national wellbeing. He has had a varied and colourful career in the Royal Navy, including work as a code-breaker in Bletchley Park, an interpreter at GCHQ Cheltenham, and rising through the ranks to navigate the aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal. Before creating TEN LTD, he held senior positions in financial services and led a successful not-for-profit enterprise. He is retained by some of the most respected organisations, both large and small, where he uses his 10/10 leadership development and mentoring programme to turn ordinary managers into extraordinary leaders.

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Why leaders and managers need to master storytelling

This talk will show how narrative can spark the imagination and galvanise people into action better than dry data alone. That makes storytelling a tool leaders and managers can use to transform numbers, research and analysis into compelling, motivating images.