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Rockflow by ROCKWOOL

Stand: FD-G70
Rockflow by ROCKWOOL

Decoupling surface water from the sewage system using stone wool. Addressing climate change in urban areas.

Surface water infiltration with stone wool

Heavy rainfall puts a strain on existing sewers. Insufficient capacity causes local flooding. Added to this, in most circumstances it is policy to preclude surface water from entering wastewater sewer networks. Rather than conveying surface water to elsewhere, it should be enabled to infiltrate where it falls.

Rockflow builds underground systems made of 100% recyclable stone wool. When it rains, stone wool rapidly absorbs up to 95% of its volume in water. That water then gradually infiltrates to the surrounding soils or is discharged after a delay to the existing surface water sewer or a watercourse.

This system reduces flooding, complies with regulations and is a sustainable measure in addressing climate change.


Rockwool BV
Delfstoffenweg 2
26045 JH Roermond
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    21 Jun 2022
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