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UD Live

Too often drainage and sewage operators are only alerted to issues within the network when flooding occurs. UDlive's range of remote, radar-based, mm accurate level and flow monitors allow you to view the performance of your network in real time, identifying blockages and potential overflows, as well as analysing root causes for historic overflows. Configurable alerts and a live online dashboard allow you to make proactive decisions on maintenance, and pinpoint structural issues.

By addressing problems before they lead to a overflow, UDlive's smart monitors help you reduce overflows, lower the long-term cost of maintenance, and improve the service to both rate payers and the general public.

All UDlive devices use cellular connectivity, have a 7+ year battery life, and have an average installation time is 5 minutes. This means they are effectively 'plug-and-play', and can be deployed anywhere on your network at short notice.


Unit 318, Victory Business Centre
Sommers Rd N
United Kingdom
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Supporting Documents

  • UDlive

    27 Aug 2021 Thomas Bennett (UDlive) & Michael Shorey (Enfield Council)
    Enfield Council became the first council in England to roll out a smart drainage scheme to monitor the condition of drains in areas at high-risk of flooding.
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