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Concrete Canvas

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Concrete Canvas (CC) is a concrete impregnated geotextile, that hardens on hydration to form a durable, fibre reinforced and water proof concrete layer. Essentially, it can be described as 'concrete on a roll' and is primarily used as an erosion protection measure for rapidly lining drainage channels, providing slope protection and stabilisation and the lining of earth or clay bunds typically in and around refinery and terminal infrastructure. Typically used by Network Rail, Highways England and the Environment Agency, the primary advantages of CC over precast, sprayed or poured concretes are: - Rapid Install: CC can be installed at rates of up to 200 linear metres per hour and is typically 10x faster than that of conventional concrete solutions. - Easy to Use: CC can easily accommodate any variations in ditch profile, junctions, terminals and pipe protrusions. Installation is simply to unroll the material, fix it in place and spray with water. The material cannot be over-hydrated and will set underwater. - Lower Project Costs: As much as 60% less expensive than conventional concrete solutions in difficult to access sites and installation of projects is completed in hours, rather than days or weeks. - Eco-Friendly: CC can be installed directly into a live water course without adversely affecting the local ecology or water supply. The EA and NRW use our material on a regular basis.


Concrete Canvas Limited
Unit 3, Block A22
CF37 5SP
United Kingdom

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