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Stand: 4-E22
Floodcheck is a smart home device that automatically protects your property against leaks and water damage. Water damage is the single largest risk to UK homes which can cause heartache and disruption. Factors such as plastic piping, home extensions, an increase in wet rooms, and with more than 50% of homes in the UK being built before 1960, has influenced the rising claims and costs of escape of water. Most homes still have no form of water leak prevention or detection installed, leaving them open to huge damage when a leak or flood occurs. In the UK, insurance companies pay out £1.8 million per day to customers for escape of water and three billion litres of treated water are being wasted everyday, our product can save money and water for our future. Our device protects your property from escape of water damage all year round and gives peace of mind to the property owner whether it is occupied or vacant. It minimises internal water damage caused by leaks or floods, protecting your property from internal flooding by monitoring the water usage and automatically switching off the mains water supply in the event of the following: • A water leak (or forgotten and continuous running tap) • An excess flow of water (e.g. burst pipe or major rupture) • Freezing temperatures (e.g. to prevent damage from frozen pipes) • 24hr Non-use (e.g. Floodcheck protects vacant properties by turning off your water supply until you return)

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