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The 2022 expert speaker agenda will be revealed shortly...

Keynote Theatre

The Keynote is the largest of the three theatres that will feature at this year’s Flood Expo, and it will host a diverse range of speakers from renowned organisations, including the United Nations.

 The keynote programme will see industry-leading speakers drawing on their expertise in the flood prediction, prevention, and response sectors to deliver insightful thirty-minute seminar sessions. 

As an attendee, you can expect to leave each seminar with the latest knowledge on global flood management techniques and share the Flood Expo’s commitment to minimising the physical and emotional impact of flooding. 

Prediction & Prevention Theatre

The Flood Expo’s Prediction and Prevention Theatre will deliver a content programme that encompasses the latest strategies, products and systems that are used across the globe to predict and prevent flooding.

Expert speakers will utilise case studies to support their professional analysis of flood forecasting models, artificial intelligence, flow monitoring, land surveys, and early warning systems.

Specialists in flood prevention will also use this theatre to showcase solutions for SUDS, dredging, infrastructure and additional preventative measures that will increase protection from flooding.

Defence and Response Theatre

The Defence and Response theatre is a brand-new feature at the Flood Expo and will be officially launched at the 2021 event.

Expert speakers will deliver powerful seminar sessions which explore the infrastructure, technology, products, and techniques that can transform the way we think about and respond to flooding.

In addition to this, specialists will look at the safety equipment and solutions that are required when flooding hits, water rescue equipment, plus crucial post-flooding clean-up solutions and insurance.

Infrastructure and Drainage Theatre

The Infrastructure and Drainage Theatre will provide a content programme that outlines the latest drainage infrastructure and SuDS innovations and solutions.

Engineered drainage infrastructure is required with ever-increasing storm events and surface water. SuDS solutions are needed, with developers needing to store greater volumes of surface water whilst protecting land for housing, public amenities and critical infrastructure.

Specialists in infrastructure and drainage will use case studies to support their solutions for SUDS, infrastructure and additional preventative measures that will increase protection from flooding.


  • This has been the best show yet. We've participated in the show for four years, each in a different capacity but this expo had the most tremendous amount of footfall with a remarkable variety in exhibitors.
    Gavitas International
  • The amount of leads we got was amazing, and leads we never expected - from South Korea to Sweden, the UK to the US. It's just been incredible.
    Dam Easy Flood Barriers
  • If you're not here as part of your marketing exercises, you need to seriously think about it, it's well worth being here.
    UK Sandbags